Statement Ring

Discover our exquisite statement rings featuring stunning oversized glass centers. The fusion of artful craftsmanship and high-quality 925 sterling silver guarantees a unique piece of jewelry with timeless elegance.
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The center of this statement ring is an oversized glass piece, about 32mm (1.25 inches) in diameter and 16mm thick.

A significant part of the finger is covered by the 50mm (2 inches) long silver fitting. It bears a ".925" sterling silver stamp as a symbol of guaranteed product quality.

The ring has a diameter of 17mm (about 0.7 inches) and is adjustable by bending (approx. 2mm).

It weighs 47 grams.


Please notethat while I do my best to provide accurate product photos, the actualappearance of the ring depends greatly on the background it is on and how it isilluminated, both by direct and through ambient light.