Statement Ring "Deep Blue"

A unique and extravagant handmade statement ring.
Kein Steuerausweis gem. Kleinunternehmerregelung § 19 UStG

CSP-5 |

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The center of this statement ring is an oversized glass piece, about 32mm (1.25 inches) in diameter and 17mm (0.6 inches) thick. This allows for a deep design space with vibrant colors, interwoven textures and intricate details. The true beauty of this ring is only fully revealed by its interplay with light, which immediately intrigues and inevitably catches everyone's attention.

A significant part of the finger is covered by the 5cm (2 inches) long silver fitting. It bears a ".925" sterling silver stamp as a symbol of guaranteed product quality.

The ring has a diameter of 17mm (about 0.7 inches) and is adjustable by bending.

Please note that while I do my best to provide accurate product photos, the actual appearance of the ring depends greatly on the background it is on and how it is illuminated, both by direct and through ambient light.